A Local Neighborhood Church

We are a local neighborhood church deeply investing in the communities along the San Pablo Avenue Corridor.  

Our name “San Pablo” Community Church connects our community with the missionary life of Saint Paul, the Spanish ranch that is now Contra Costa County, one of the oldest roads in the East Bay, the terminus of transcontinental US Highway 40, and the oldest park in Berkeley.  

Our community is comprised of Berkeley and Oakland residents living along the San Pablo Avenue corridor, those looking to make stronger connections between their economic and Christian life, and those open to research and development as it applies to their faith and vocation. 

We hope to create a local economy that will benefit the residents in our community who have become vulnerable with rising costs relative to wages, and those who are isolated and without a trusted community.

How SPCC Started

Jose and Taylor met in 2009 when pastoring (Jose) and attending (Taylor) Christ Church in its early stages. The two reconnected in spring of 2016 while both praying about starting a new kind of church in under-resourced urban communities.

Through weekly meetings to pray and dream together, Jose and Taylor have become close friends and partners. While both still holding full-time jobs, the two have seen God provide vision, opportunities, and great partners as we’ve laid the foundation for both San Pablo Community Church (SPCC) and San Pablo Energy, SPCC’s first for-profit enterprise. Taylor and his family are excited to relocate to Southwest Berkeley this spring (as soon as God provides housing) and join Jose and his family as holistic participants in the local community.